Miami School Program

The WOSTEP Watch Service Technician Program
This 1-year course entails 1,800 hours of instruction and has been recently introduced by WOSTEP in partnership with the Swiss watch industry.  

The course is based on a modular approach that focuses on the broad understanding of the complete watch with repairs being carried out by exchanging components. Nicolas G. Hayek school offers its students the opportunity to work on a representative kit of Swatch Group watches belonging to the brands' current collections as well as different types of movements, designs and techniques.
The course as presented by WOSTEP covers:
Fundamental working standards
  • cleanliness
  • organization
  • methodological approach
  • damage prevention
  • critical observation
Fundamental technical skills
  • cleaning and lubrication
  • handling and inspecting components
  • justification for replacing components
  • system controls
  • adjusting the endshake
  • identifying and correcting faults
  • regulating standard type systems
  • performance confirmation procedures

The modules included in the course as presented by WOSTEP are:
Manual techniques

  • sawing
  • filing
  • drilling
  • reaming
  • connection techniques
Principles of service
  • encasing
  • basic servicing skills and methodology
  • basic principles of how standard watches, quartz/mechanical, work
  • critical observation
  • lubrication
  • system controls
  • revision and repairs
Analysis and regulation
  • analytical working methods and techniques for assessing functioning
  • functional adjustments – endshake
  • regulation within manufacturers' tolerances
  • additional simple complications – calendar, automatic
  • performance confirmation techniques (quality control)
  • revision and repairs
Once the students have successfully completed the course and passed the three intermediate and the final examination, they will be able to exchange movements for standard calibers and repair, service and encase standard mechanical and electronic movements up to a chronograph for which spare parts are available.
The WOSTEP Watch Service Technician's certificate is recognized by the Swiss watch industry and the Swiss authorities and provides a basis for excellent employment opportunities.