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As known to all, good hand working skills and rigorous logical thinking ability are always the two most important elements for a watchmaker. These traditional skills, coupled with equipment utilizing the latest technology, allow a watchmaker to work to a higher technological standard than ever before.

The School
The Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School, Shanghai (following mentioned as NGHS) was founded in 1999, cooperated and established by Swatch Group (Hong Kong) and Shanghai University. Also, NGHS is a partnership school of WOSTEP, an independent and neutral institution that is recognized as an exemplary training centre in the field of watchmaking.

Watchmaking, a challenging subject which requires preciseness, arouses students’ enthusiasm to the watchmaking industry. Students develop their hand skills, which are necessary for making and maintaining tools, servicing and repairing fine timepieces, and manufacturing watch parts. Critical thinking and problem solving abilities are strengthened so the mind becomes as much of a part of the solution as the tools in the watchmaker’s hand.

Our Purpose
With the booming development of the whole watchmaking industry, as one of the most important sources of this field, watchmaker has already become a source in short supply. NGHS is dedicated to developing professional watchmakers and future after-sales-service leaders for the Swiss watch industry by providing a WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program) education principle and its 3000-hour-training course that will lead to a rewarding career.

Education System
All the students have to participate in 5 intermediate examinations and the final exam of WOSTEP. The graduates, who have passed all the WOSTEP exams, will gain a certificate from WOSTEP together with the diploma of Shanghai University (for the university students only).

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