Student`s words Tian Xia (Shanghai CHN)

Incidently, I walked in to Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School. When I was young, I was very interested to the tiny things, work on watch pieces sounds to be very attractive. So, just during the interview, I initiated interest to this career – watchmaking.

I was lucky enough to pass the interview and joint NGHS to start my study on watchmaking. At the beginning, I didn’t touch any watch pieces, but only work on the micro-mechanical staff. This was not an easy work. Sometimes, a very small defect might cause the whole failure of the work and have to re-start from the very beginning. However, my interest to tiny things drove me strictly follow teachers’ guideline and work time after time. These micro-mechanical work make my hands much more flexible than before, and became more appropriate to watchmaking, and what’s more, I can work more dedicatedly and my observation is also strengthened properly.

Up to nowadays, two thirds of the study has already past. During the past period, I got a deep understanding to watchmaking and my interest to this field is growing from time to time. Every time when I see the gear train runs, the balance wheel works, the hairspring swings, it means a watch anima is born. It makes me exciting and full of the sense of accomplishment. I believe watchmaking will be my inseparable other half and I won't give it up until the end of my life.

I am filled with hope for the future. After graduation from NGHS, I will always hold my ardor to watchmaking. I will study on Tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and other complex mechanism. I want to thank NGHS for opening the gate to me and let me step into this amazing world. I will try my best to contribute my whole life to watchmaking.

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