Students' words Shiyu Li (Shanghai CHN)

During the past two years time I studied in Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School, Shanghai. There, I accepted the most integrated and normative watchmaking training. In NGHS, we not only focus on theoretical knowledge, but also struggle on making winding stems, balance staffs; assemble balance wheels; adjust hairspring and work on all parts of a watch. All these operations are up to the Swiss standard. Besides the watch parts, we also learned to make tools which may be used in watchmaking. We were also taught to adjust or repair problem watches and make them work normally with high quality. NGHS provides with first-class equipments and experienced teachers. With the help of these, I got more and more interested in watchmaking and received the most professional education. In July last year, I obtained the WOSTEP Certificate, which means I finally became a professional watchemaker from a layman.

After graduation from NGHS, I joint the Swatch Group and become a member of the biggest watch company in the world as a watchmaker. Now, I treat with all kinds of problem watches everyday and repair or adjust them to the best state as quickly as possible. With the help of the knowledge I got in NGHS, I am competent for my job. As time goes by, I believe I will do better and better in watchmaking field.

       Thank NGHS, and thank all the teachers in NGHS!