Students' words Alexis Delon Lono (Kuala Lumpur MYS)

Curiosity got me where I am today, it was also because of curiosity I took apart anything capable of disassembly, although nothing work well after that. The first watch I received as a present did not even last a year as I needed to know how it worked and duly took it apart. Just as my interest in watchmaking rose again, the opportunity to study watchmaking in the Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School became available.

With a master watchmaker guiding me throughout, I am able to learn what once restricted knowledge was and ask questions that confound me to no end and still get answers. All my heart and focus goes into learning about watches and its movements. The simplicity of what makes it tick, the beauty of the parts. I am achieving what I dreamt of long ago. Repairing and restoring watches is now my life, when I am free all I can think about watches and its movements.

Time is continuously flowing, and the hardworking watches need some caring. The beautifully designed watches will be very much appreciated and taken care of in my hands. The science that goes into engineering a movement would not be ignored. A well serviced and restored watch would return to its owner in perfect working condition after landing in my hands.