The Education Certificates

The Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School offers two courses and therefore two different qualifications.
The  3,000-Hour WOSTEP Program designed to train students to work in the field of customer service.
This course entails 3,000 hours of theoretical and practical instruction, including the manufacturing of tools and watch parts and service and maintenance procedures for all types of watches.
Once they have successfully completed the course and passed the intermediate examinations, students must prove their skills in a final examination to obtain their WOSTEP certificate. The final examination includes theoretical and practical tests that cover all aspects of horology.
The WOSTEP certificate is internationally recognized and provides a base for excellent employment opportunities.
The WOSTEP Watch Service Technician Program has been introduced recently by WOSTEP in partnership with the Swiss watch industry.
It entails 1,800 hours of tuition and is based on a modular approach that focuses on a broad understanding of the complete watch with repairs by exchanging components.
Once they have successfully completed the course and passed the three intermediate and the final examination, students will be able to exchange movements for standard calibers and repair, service and encase standard mechanical and electronic movements up to a chronograph for which spare parts are available.

The WOSTEP Watch Service Technician Program's certificate is recognized by the Swiss watch industry and Swiss authorities.